Manure based material, research and development.

Manureality has been part of my graduation at Design Academy Eindhoven. 

Following the description below.




The become more sustainable in the future,

I believe that we have to back to the basics. As a society we

have to act in a more primitive way of living to be able to become more sustainable in the future. I created this philosophy as a result of my research which lead to the project: Manureality.


Within this research I investigated traditional construction techniques out of Africa, South-America and Asia.

It proved to be that all sorts of manure are and ideal building material for construction. After researching all types of manure and fibre sources, I decided that horse manure had the best quality of

them all.


My findings made me asking myself the question:

 If this material is perfect to build with, why don’t we use this in our interior?

This material supposed to have similar properties to chipboard or MDF, but with and ecological approach.

 In the end the materials which I created proved to be way more versatile by being able to bend and model it.


It is made up of 80 percent manure, chalk, water and desovable glue that are mixed, pressed into a mould and allowed to dry.


Manureality is a project to set and example and to start the conversation about how to create a sustainable future.







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